Communication tags – 3D Print Service Project

Communication tags for an autistic adult who cannot talk.

These will be combined together on a chain or cord to be carried.  Thing of a set of rattles and/or children’s play keys.

  • Size 3″  Flat disk with hole for chain or cable.
  • Think simple, 3D images. Emoji, smiley faces, etc.  No words.  Bold simple “obvious” images.
  • Two color is the best, since it will make the image stand out.
  • Need to discuss or submit a prototype.  Email Mr. Raymond
  • Deadline.  Would like to start printing these in January when we get back.

List of communication concepts needed.  DOWNLOAD HERE.  Photos just for ideas.  Don’t try to recreate the photos.  They have too many unhelpful details for a 3D bias relief print

BLANK DISK TEMPLATE.  Use these blank templates as the basis for your designs.  There are three file template types, that will open in or can be imported into Sketchup, Blender & TinkerCad (maybe others).  The files are stored in an RJ OneDrive folder.  You must sign in using your RJ email address and password.  If you create a design, save it here WITH A NEW NAME.  Don’t overwrite the template file.

Please contact Mr. Raymond if you have any questions about the project, issues with the files, or access to the files.